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About SLC

Making the lives of students easier, more manageable and academically better

Spectrum Learning Center is a private school dedicated to the nurturing and growth of students with learning disabilities and neurological differences. We believe in a quality education for every student.

We work personally with each student to develop academic skills such as reading, writing, and math programs. 

We create personalized potty training programs and  incorporate grooming, feeding skills and other life skills into our individualized programs. Using lots of positive reinforcement, we work towards  independence as much as possible.

We are a school dedicated to making the lives of students and families with special needs easier, more manageable, and academically better.

Our Mission

Spectrum Learning Center is dedicated to providing a successful and personalized academic education in a nurturing and supportive setting, for students with various learning disabilities.

At Spectrum Learning Center we are committed to the beliefs that:

  1. "It's Okay to Learn Differently"

  2. Students with learning disabilities are provided the necessary educational, emotional and social support to reach their highest professional and individual productivity.


We teach differently because every child learns differently.

SLC is a community of learners. Students learn how to learn. Our highly-trained and caring faculty and families are actively engaged in our integrated programs and multi-modal curriculum. Our graduates leave SLC with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently meet the challenges of post-secondary transition and beyond. Many of our students transition back to their local public schools or private schools to join their peers.

Students are taught in very small classes where teachers are able to truly differentiate instruction. 

At Spectrum Learning Center we provide:


  • Small, supportive classes

  • On-site speech, reading, counseling, & occupational therapy in dedicated rooms      

  • Social-Emotional support

  • Strong Home/School Connection 

  • Summer social skills camp

  • Academic Excellence



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Contact Us

13233 West Little York, Houston, TX 77041  |  Tel: 281-809-3480

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